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Understand How

Peritoneal Dialysis


Taking your child or loved one home on peritoneal dialysis may feel overwhelming. Experts from Boston Children's Hospital developed this interactive program to help train families like yours.

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What to

Watch videos to learn about kidneys and how peritoneal dialysis works. Then, practice the steps of peritoneal dialysis as if you are at home. Use what you have learned to practice problem solving.

  • Go at your own pace

  • Practice until you feel comfortable

  • Gain confidence in a stress free environment

Attending Nephrologist, Lurie Children’s Hospital

"The OPENPediatrics PD simulator is a powerful tool to educate families in the delivery of peritoneal dialysis.  The opportunity to repeatedly practice, step by step, in a safe and interactive format will build the knowledge and confidence caregivers need to effectively deliver this life saving care."

This tool was developed by experts in nephrology, education, and multimedia design. Learn more about our team.


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