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Submission Process

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All submissions to OPENPediatrics Scholar must be submitted through the OPENPediatrics Scholar submission portal. There are no fees associated with submission or publication of learning resources.


All submissions should follow the submission guidelines and standards. Submissions that do not follow the appropriate formatting and dimensions will not be accepted for review.


All submissions to OPENPediatrics Scholar undergo an administrative review to ensure that the submission is complete, content and format is appropriate for OPENPediatrics learners, and best standards in intellectual property, copyright, multimedia design, accessibility, and inclusivity are employed. Submissions that meet these criteria will be sent for peer review.


OPENPediatrics Scholar utilizes a comprehensive peer review process. Health professions educators will review the learning resource for evaluation of multimedia design and educational pedagogy. Subject matter experts will review the learning resource for content accuracy and incorporation of current evidence-based practice.


Authors will receive an accept, revise and resubmit, or reject decision following peer review. Authors receiving a revise and resubmit decision will have three months to respond to the reviews and revise their learning resource. Any revision not received within the three-month timeframe will be rejected. Authors who wish to revise their learning resource, but do not meet the deadline, will be required to create a new submission. Revised learning resources will be sent again for the next round of peer review.


Authors who receive an accepted decision will be invited to publish their works on the OPENPediatrics platforms, including the OPENPediatrics YouTube Channel. Authors will work closely with the OPENPediatrics team to format the learning resource for publication. Authors will be required to review and approve an unpublished version. Following approval, the learning resource will be published, and authors will be sent an email with information on appropriate citation of the learning resource.


Authors will receive an annual report detailing the number of views that their learning resource has received in its publication lifetime. If authors publish a manuscript about their learning resource, they are encouraged to send the citation link to the OPENPediatrics Scholar team to add the link to their learning resource description. Learning resources may be subject to a three-year review. Authors may request that OPENPediatrics Scholar unpublish their learning resource at any time.

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