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Submission Portal

Basic Information

  • Resource Type (if you are interested in submitting any content other than video-based courses, please email to determine if the educational resource can be accepted for submission)

    • Video-based course

    • Interactive content such a patient cases or serious games

    • Other (please describe)

  • Learning Resource Title

  • Corresponding Author and Contact Information

  • All Additional Authors and Affiliations

  • Target Audience(s)

    • Learner level​

    • Profession​​

  • Topic Area/Keywords [should we also ask them to list 5-10 keywords for tagging, then make this topic area(s) for catalogs/YT channels?]

    • Specialty/Area of Practice

    • Educational Areas of Focus [what about regular educational content?]

  • Suggested Peer Reviewer(s) (name, contact information, reason for identifying)

Scholarship Criteria

  • Learning Objectives

    • ​Learning objectives are concise statements describing what the learner will be able to do after using the resource. They should employ action verbs and aim for higher-order thinking on Bloom's Taxonomy. Click the link for a resource on creating high-quality learning objectives.


  • Brief Description of Identified Need

    • ​Please provide a brief description of the need for your educational resource. This may include relevant literature that identifies educational gaps, or a short summary of a local needs assessment.


  • Statement on Anticipated Use of the Resource

    • ​Please describe how you expect your educational resource to be used by teachers and learners (for example, just-in-time clinical teaching, self-directed learning, etc)


  • Proposed Learner Assessment

    • ​Please describe a recommended approach to assessment for your educational resource. This may include pre/post test questions, learner reflections or discussion prompts. Assessments should be aligned with learning objectives. They should post clear questions and aim to assess higher-order thinking on Bloom's Taxonomy. Click here for a resource on writing effective multiple-choice questions.

Files Required for Submission (named file types)

  • Cover Letter

  • Educational Resource 

    • ​Accepted Video File Types

      • .mov​

      • .mp4

      • .mpg

      • .avi

      • URL or links to content (I.e. YouTube, Vimeo, website)

    • Size Limit:

      • ​800MB

  • Learner Assessment (if not embedded in resource)

    • Accepted File Types:

      • .doc

      • .pdf

    • Size limit:

      • 30MB


  • Does this learning resource contain any external media? Appropriate citation of creative common license in the video and/or external documentation of explicit permission is required upon submission for review.


  • Does this learning resource contain any potentially identifiable patient images, audio or videos?


  • I agree that this learning resource, if accepted, will be made open access for all users under the following Creative Commons license: CC-BY-NC-ND OR I agree that this learning resource, if accepted, will be made open access for all users. I wish to make my content available under following Creative Commons license.


  • I attest that myself and any of my co-authors have declared all conflicts of interest and disclosures in this learning resource submission.


  • I attest that all listed authors meet authorship requirements as described by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (

  • Has this learning resource, or any portion of this learning resource, currently published or planned to be published on YouTube (or Vimeo) in the future?

  • I attest that if this learning resource is accepted and will be hosted on an external website or hosting platform, I will use the official designation as provided by OPENPediatrics Scholar.  I attest that this designation will only be applied to the version reviewed and accepted by OPENPediatrics Scholar. 


  • Did you use any AI tool(s) to create portion of the learning resource submission?

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