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Target Audience (select all that apply)
Learner Level (select all that apply)
Educational Areas of Focus (select all that apply)
Specialty/Area of Practice (select all that apply)

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Basic Information for Submission

  • Resource Type

    • While initial focus is on creating a platform for sharing video-based digital scholarship, the Portal considers other innovative content such as serious games or virtual reality simulations. Authors wishing to submit such content must reach out to the editorial team to ensure appropriateness for possible dissemination through the Portal. 

  • Title

  • Authors and Affiliations

  • Corresponding Author and Contact Information

  • Target Audience (select all that apply):

    • Profession: 

      • Childlife Specialist

      • Dentist

      • Emergency Medical Technician

      • Healthcare Administrator

      • Lactation Consultant

      • Midwife

      • Non-Healthcare Professional

      • Nurse

      • Nurse Educator

      • Nurse Practitioner

      • Other Healthcare Professional

      • Paramedic

      • Pharmacist

      • Physician or physician-in-training (medical student, resident, fellow)

      • Physician Assistant

      • Psychologist

      • Respiratory Therapist

      • School-Based Educator/Professional

      • Social Worker

    • Learner level:

      • Student

      • Resident

      • Fellow

      • Attending/licensed independent professional

  • Topic Area/Keywords (select all that apply):

    • Specialty/Area of Practice:

      • None/Other

      • Adolescent Medicine

      • Allergy and Immunology

      • Anesthesiology

      • Cardiac Anesthesiology

      • Cardiac Critical Care

      • Cardiology

      • Cardiothoracic Surgery

      • Child Protection

      • Complex Care

      • Critical Care

      • Dentistry

      • Dermatology

      • Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

      • Emergency Medicine

      • Endocrinology

      • Family Medicine

      • Gastroenterology and Nutrition

      • General Pediatrics

      • General Surgery

      • Genetics

      • Hematology, Oncology, and Cell-Based Therapies

      • Hospital Medicine

      • Infection Disease

      • Internal Medicine

      • Metabolism

      • Neonatology

      • Nephrology

      • Neurocritical Care

      • Neurology

      • Neurosurgery

      • Obstetrics and Gynecology

      • Ophthalmology

      • Orthopedics

      • Otolaryngology

      • Pain Medicine

      • Palliative Care

      • Pathology

      • Pediatric Surgery

      • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

      • Plastic Surgery

      • Preventative Medicine

      • Psychiatry

      • Pulmonology

      • Radiology

      • Rheumatology

      • Sleep Medicine

      • Sports Medicine

      • Surgical Critical Care

      • Toxicology

      • Transplant Hepatology

      • Trauma and Burn Care

      • Urology

    • Educational Areas of Focus (select all that apply):

      • Coaching and feedback

      • Communication

      • Diversity, equity and inclusion

      • Interprofessional education

      • Leadership

      • Procedural skill development

      • Self-assessment

  • Suggested Peer Reviewer (name, contact information, reason for identifying)


Scholarship Criteria

  • Learning Objectives

    • Learning objectives are concise statements describing what the learner will be able to do after using the resource. They should employ action verbs and aim for higher-order thinking on Bloom's Taxonomy. Click the link for a resource on creating high-quality learning objectives.


  • Brief Description of Identified Need

    • Please provide a brief description of the need for your educational resource. This may include relevant literature that identifies educational gaps, or a short summary of a local needs assessment.


  • Statement on Anticipated Use of the Resource

    • Please describe how you expect your educational resource to be used by teachers and learners (for example, just-in-time clinical teaching, self-directed learning, etc)


  • Proposed Learner Assessment

    • Please describe a recommended approach to assessment for your educational resource. This may include pre/post test questions, learner reflections or discussion prompts. Assessments should be aligned with learning objectives. They should post clear questions and aim to assess higher-order thinking on Bloom's Taxonomy. Click the link for a resource on writing effective multiple-choice questions.


Files Needed for Upload

  • Cover Letter

  • Resource

    • ​Accepted File Types:

      • .mov​

      • .mp4

      • .doc

      • .pdf

    • Size Limit:

      • 800MB 

  • References

  • Assessment (if not embedded in resource)

  • IRB Approval or Exemption

    • ​Only needed if planning to use in assessment for research purposes



  • Intellectual property/open access

  • Adheres to technical specifications

  • Accessibility best practices

  • Conflicts of interest


Has this learning resource (or a portion of this learning resource) previously been disseminated or submitted for publication?

  • Please note: the portal does allow submission of work that is concurrently shared on other platforms (such as YouTube), but requires such external publications reference and link to the portal.


The Portal adheres to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editor's specific requirements regarding authorship ( 

  • On behalf of all authors, I verify that all listed authors meet the ICMJE authorship requirements.


If the assessment data will be used for research purposes, did the authors submit verification of approval or exemption by an institutional review or ethics board?

  • Exceptions are only for analyses of third party anonymized databases with pre-existing IRB approval or exemption.

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