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About the Course

Keeping Babies Safe is a video curriculum for all caregivers of infants and young children. Videos by pediatric experts cover how to keep a child safe across the spectrum of sleep, feeding, water safety, car seats, first aid, and more.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to hold a baby in the safest way for the baby’s age 

  • Learn how to feed babies safely based on their age 

  • Learn the most common fall risks for infants and toddlers and how to prevent them 

  • Learn how to prevent drowning in infants and toddlers 

  • Learn how to keep infants and toddlers safe in the home 

  • Understand why infants may be fussy, and how best to evaluate and manage their fussiness 

  • Learn about common emergencies and what caregivers can and should do

Course Directors

Claire McCarthy, MD

Primary Care Pediatrician, Boston Children’s Hospital

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Kelly Wills, MD, MMSc

Director, Associate Continuity Clinic, Boston Children’s Hospital

Instructor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School


Barbara DiGirolamo, M.Ed., CPSTI
Injury Prevention Program Coordinator

State Chapter Director, ThinkFirst Boston 
Department of Surgery, Trauma Center, Boston Children’s Hospital

Funded By

The Rehma Fund

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