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Pediatric Pain and Opioid Education for the Inpatient Provider


$75 USD

Instructional Time:

3 hours

About the Course

This course provides education about pediatric pain management aimed for healthcare professionals working in the inpatient setting. This course describes how to observe, assess, and treat pain for pediatric patients and children with medical complexity, including the comparison of different pain syndromes and their respective prescribing practices. This course will also highlight the management of various pain syndromes with nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic therapies. The course will take approximately 3 hours to complete.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe pain mechanisms and pain syndromes and how they can inform appropriate treatment options.

  2. Describe nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic therapies that can be incorporated in a comprehensive pain management plan.

  3. Discuss characteristics of opioids and their role in pediatric pain management.

  4. Describe best practices for prescribing, administration, and storage of opioids to ensure safe and effective pain management.

  5. Identify evidence-based tools for the recognition, evaluation, and management of pediatric pain.

Course Director(s)

David Casavant, MD

Kathleen Huth, MD, MMSc, FRCPC

Traci Wolbrink, MD, MPH

Charles Berde, MD, PhD
Clifford Woolf, MB, BCh, PhD
Sharon Levy, MD, MPH
Jean Solodiuk, RN, PhD


Credit Types

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Date Released:

June 27, 2023

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