Ilona Holland, EdD


Lecturer of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Ilona Holland has been involved in the evaluation of technology-based educational products since 1989. Both as an independent consultant and as a senior research consultant with Multimedia Research, a consulting group headed by Barbara Flagg, Holland has worked on projects for museums, television stations, software companies, and the DuPont Company. Projects have included the formative evaluation of educational television shows such as Between the LionsWhere in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?Parenting Works, and Intimate Strangers; I-MAX movies such as EverestSpecial Effects, and Storm Chasers; and interactive videodiscs such as CHIP (Detroit Institute of Arts), Science, Engineering, and Technology Program (New York Hall of Science), Farmer Pig’s Health Farm (National Cancer Institute), and The Wonderful World of Medicine (Interactive Video Science Consortium).

Holland also is the formative evaluator and a member of the design team for the creation of interactive, computerized safety-training programs for the DuPont Company at Marshall Labs in Philadelphia. She was instrumental in writing Delaware’s K-12 Educational Standards for both social studies and the arts in education. While serving on the Delaware Educational Technology Committee, she helped analyze the technological needs of all Delaware public schools and libraries and helped draft appropriate recommendations to the state legislature. Holland’s academic research studies how children develop vocabulary skills through the visual analysis of fine art, both in the classroom and in the museum setting. She has been a formative evaluator for numerous projects funded by sources such as the National Science Foundation, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National Endowment for Educational Television, and National Institutes of Health.