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Content Author:
OPENPediatrics Staff
Date: 1 April 2020

New Ventilator Simulator Release

The ventilator simulator is an immersive online mechanical ventilation training tool. This release incorporates the most recent evidence-based guidelines in pediatric and adult ventilation, as well as COVID-19 information and COVID-19 patient cases.

Date: 8 August 2018
** If you played VitalSigns prior to 1/31/2020, please clear your cache to access the most up-to-date version. **


Vital SignsTM Emergency Department is a web-based virtual environment that places the player 

at the helm of an emergency

Content Author:
OPENPediatrics Staff
Date: 13 April 2017

The hemodialysis (HD) simulator offers stand-alone education on the elements of initiating and managing a child on HD, including setting up an HD circuit, selecting a prescription, monitoring a patient, assessing laboratory values, and managing clinical complications.

The simulator

Content Author:
OPENPediatrics Staff
Date: 28 January 2016

The peritoneal dialysis simulator offers stand-alone education on all elements of managing a child on peritoneal dialysis, including assessment of patient and dialysate; monitoring and responding to patient variables and laboratory results; and identifying complications from device manipulations

Content Author:
Lisa Shieh MD, PhD, FHM, Stanford Hospital and Clinics Department of Quality, Patient Safety and Effectiveness
Date: 12 December 2011

Sepsis strikes approximately 750,000 people in the US and is responsible for more than 215,000 deaths. Mortality remains high at 25-50% at a cost of $17 billion each year [1]. Septic states have become far too common; with unacceptable high mortality rates and lengthy hospitalizations, it is one