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Forbes Publishes Article about Value of OPENPediatrics

On July 21, 2014 Sean Hogan, VP of Healthcare at IBM, wrote an article in Forbes on behalf of IBM Smarter Planet about the steps OPENPediatrics is taking to address chronic worldwide disparities in healthcare. Hogan's own son was born with a nuerologic disorder that required surgery, but he was lucky because of his access to skilled specialists at Boston Children's Hospital. Hogan realized that not all children have access to such skilled care, in part because physicians in other parts of the globe do not have access to the level of advanced medical education and knowledge available in the United States. It is because of this realization that Hogan truly appreciates the value of OPENPediatrics.

He espouses OPENPediatrics for our mission to provide that level of access to advanced medical education that is currently lacking in many countries around the world. "Knowledge is power," Hogan writes, "And there's no more compelling example of how powerful knowledge can be than helping save a child's life."

Read more and see above for the video put together by GOOD and IBM.