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Boston Globe Reports on Collaboration Between Rehma Fund and OPENPediatrics

In January, Boston Globe Columnist Scott Kirsner, reported on the recent collaboration between the Rehma Fund and OPENPediatrics. His story, which appeared in the “Innovation Economy” section of the paper, detailed the founding of the Rehma Fund, in memory of Rema Sabir. The Fund decided to use money raised to support the development of a Non-Accidental Trauma curriculum through OPENPediatrics, which will help train clinicians around the world on how to identify and manage pediatric cases of non-accidental trauma.

The Globe’s article also includes a link to the video produced announcing the Rehma Fund’s collaboration with OPENPediatrics. You can see this video on the media page of our website, and can also see Kirsner’s Boston Globe story for more information.