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New Developments for OPENPediatrics in 2014

OPENPediatrics, an innovative web-based educational platform, is planning to launch new content and curricula in 2014.

The application will continue to focus on critical care pediatric medicine, but will branch out this year to include new topics and specialties, and to incorporate more educational material from international experts.

OPENPediatrics is using this web-based material to augment traditional medical education, by allowing clinicians to access relevant information for their training electronically and on their own time. The staff of OPENPediatrics recently learned of a physician in Israel who used knowledge gained from these training videos to help save a child’s life.

Some new offerings include videos of presentations given by international experts at the 11th World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine Congress in Durban, South Africa and at the ANZICS/ACCCN Intensive Care Annual Scientific Meeting in Hobart, Tasmania. These videos cover a range of topics including congenital heart disease, sepsis in the developing world, simulation and technology, severe malaria, and HIV in the PICU, shown below. 

9 videos from these conferences are already available on OPENPediatrics, and ultimately 24 more of these videos will be made available to all users of OPENPediatrics.

In addition to the international speakers being added to OPENPediatrics, new content and curricula are also being developed and added to the platform frequently.

A Cardiovascular Multimedia Library was recently made available on the platform, which provides a unique review of congenital heart disease. The library includes images, audio, and video as educational tools for clinicians worldwide.

To expand OPENPediatrics’ material into new medical specialties, Dr. Hiep Nguyen, of Boston Children’s Hospital, has partnered with OPENPediatrics to develop a Urology Curriculum, which will provide training on urinary catheter insertion and circumcision and hypospadias surgeries.

With recent support from and partnership with The Rehma Fund, OPENPediatrics is also working on the development of a Non-Accidental Trauma Curriculum. This curriculum will focus on providing information to clinicians about how to identify and compassionately care for victims of non-accidental trauma.

Expanding the reach of OPENPediatrics, the program will also develop additional educational material designed specifically for nurses. A series of nursing-specific videos will be linked to create various curricula for nursing trainees in topics such as cardiology and pain-management.

Each of these new offerings is designed to increase the breadth of information offered on the platform, and thus to further increase the global community of users who can benefit from this information. A major goal of OPENPediatrics is to help provide information on best-practices and connect clinicians around the world through the sharing of knowledge.

To meet these goals, OPENPediatrics is moving towards Version 1 of the platform, expected in early 2014. This version of the platform will be website-based and thus more easily accessible, and will also have an augmented social networking function to truly facilitate collaboration between the global network of users.

The team at OPENPediatrics is always working to enhance its offerings and develop increasingly beneficial content, and encourages its users to check back frequently for new and innovative content.