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World Sepsis Day - September 13, 2017

Each year sepsis affects more than 25 million people worldwide, and it is the #1 cause of death in young children. Although in the U.S sepsis kills more people each year than prostate cancer, breast cancer, and AIDS combined, surprisingly only about 55% of adults have even heard of sepsis. To help combat this issue, the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA) established September 13th as World Sepsis Day to increase awareness and bring attention to this global health problem. The World Sepsis Day website offers many ways you can participate in and support World Sepsis Day. Visit,, including access to sepsis toolkits that you can use in your community or hospital. The GSA has also created a World Sepsis Day Declaration that they are encouraging everyone to sign to help bring more awareness to sepsis. Everyone is also encouraged to participate in the global conversation on social media by using the hashtag #WSD17. 

In support of World Sepsis Day, OPENPediatrics is pleased to announce the launch of two new sepsis videos on our site by Adrienne Randolph, MD, MSc, an international expert on sepsis in children. Dr. Randolph is a Senior Associate in Critical Care Medicine, Director of the Immunobiology in Critical Illness Laboratory at Boston Children's Hospital and a Professor of Anesthesia and Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. In the first video, Pediatric Sepsis: A Diagnosis that Could Save a Life, Dr. Randolph discusses recent developments and progress in the diagnosis and classification of pediatric sepsis. In the second video, Pediatric Sepsis: Optimizing Management to Improve Patient Outcomes, Dr. Randolph discusses current best-recommended practices for the management of sepsis in young children and older patients.

Along with the two new videos we have published in support of World Sepsis Day, be sure to check out this additional sepsis content from OPENPediatrics: