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World Malaria Day

Nearly half of the world's population is at risk of malaria. In 2015, there were roughly 212 million malaria cases and an estimated 429,000 malaria deaths. Increased prevention and control measures have led to a 29% reduction in malaria mortality rates globally since 2010. Since 2000, malaria prevention has played an important role in reducing cases and death, primarily through the scale up of insecticide-treated nets and indoor spraying of insecticides.

April 25th is World Malaria Day, created by the World Health Organization (WHO). This year's global theme is "End Malaria For Good". Be sure to participate in the global conversation on social media using the hashtag #WorldMalariaDay and #endmalariaforgood. Learn about ways you and your community can be involved in World Malaria Day by visiting the World Malaria Day page. 

OPENPediatrics is pleased to feature a presentation by Kuban Naidoo, MBBCh, DCH at the 11th WFSISSM Congress titled “Changes to the Outcomes of Severe Malaria”:


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