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WHO Executive Board Recommends the Adoption of a Resolution on Sepsis to the World Health Assembly

The World Health Assembly Executive Board has unanimously recommended the adoption of a resolution addressing improvements to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of sepsis globally.  From the Global Sepsis Alliance website:

The WHA Executive Board has unanimously decided to recommend the adoption of a resolution on sepsis to the World Health Assembly (WHA).

The WHA is the supreme decision-making body of the WHO. It meets in Geneva in May each year, and is attended by delegations from all 194 member states. Its main purpose is to determine the policies of the WHO.

The Executive Board is composed of 34 individuals technically qualified in the field of health, each one designated by a Member State elected to do so by the WHA. The board meets twice a year and its main function is to give effect to the decisions and policies of the WHA, to advise it and facilitate its work.

The demands of this resolution represent a quantum leap for the goals that we set out in the World Sepsis Declaration five years ago.

This resolution will enormously strengthen our work on the local, national, and global level. It will help us stop sepsis, the number one preventable death worldwide.

  • Read and download the full resolution here.
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