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Test-Enhanced E-Learning Strategies in Postgraduate Medical Education: A Randomized Cohort Study

Dr. Lisa DelSignore, one of our OPENPediatrics Associates, has published an original research paper in the Journal of Medical Research under the mentorship of OPENPediatrics Co-Directors, Drs. Traci Wolbrink and Jeffrey Burns, evaluating the effect on pediatric residents' knowledge gain of using interspersed test questions and periodic breaks during online video viewing as compared to traditional video viewing without any breaks or questions. 

The study was conducted in 3 academic medical centers in Boston, MA between June 2014 and March 2016. Participants included first- and second-year pediatric residents who were randomized to 1 of 3 groups as follows: residents in the first group viewed the entire video with no breaks; residents in the third group watched the video with periodic breaks during which they answered content-based test questions. Knowledge gain was assessed by comparison of test score differences between pre-test and post-test associated with the video. Residents were also asked to complete a 6-month follow-up post-test to assess for their degree of knowledge retention.

Significant differences in improved knowledge gain between groups were not demonstrated among residents answering interspersed questions or completing logic puzzles during interrupted online video viewing when compared with residents viewing uninterrupted content. Residents who either participated in uninterrupted video viewing or answered interspersed questions during interrupted video viewing demonstrated knowledge retention at 6 months. Click here to download a copy of the paper.