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Participate in a Research Study about OPENPediatrics!

Help us make OPENPediatrics more effective and helpful by participating in an online focus group: Evaluating the impacts of online communities of practice: The case of OPENPediatrics. Ongoing professional development is a challenge for many clinicians and other health professionals, especially those practicing in pediatric fields due to factors such as lack of time and lack of access to high quality learning materials from reliable sources (Carolina & Carolina, 2010; OPENPediatrics, 2015). Communities of practice, especially online forms like OPENPediatrics, can help address this problem. Such communities can provide access to state-of-the-art knowledge and techniques with the potential to improve quality of care (Bates, 2015; Gardner, Bridges, & Walmsley, 2012; U.S. Department of Education, 2011).

OPENPediatrics (OP) was developed by Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) in 2012 to address this issue. Evaluation of this online learning platform can play an important role in understanding its role in learning and development of health professionals, its role in quality of care, the degree to which the program has achieved its goals, and how it can be improved.

A research project "Evaluating the Impacts of Online Communities of Practice: The Case of OPENPediatrics" is now underway to study the effectiveness of OP and its contributions to learning, professional development, and quality of care. As part of this study two online focus group discussions have been planned to learn from users like you and your experiences using the OP website. Your participation in one of the focus groups would be invaluable to this project.

To express your willingness to participate and for further information about the focus groups, please send an email to Ms. Hamideh Sarmast at