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OPENPediatrics video Iron Lung and Polio featured in Museum of Science exhibit

In January of last year, OPENPediatrics released our video, The Iron Lung and Polio by Dr. Mark Rockoff. In this video, Dr. Rockoff talks about the history, development, and use of the iron lung in response to polio. The video featured a fully restored iron lung built from abandoned or discarded parts found at the Lakeville State Hospital in Massachusetts. Developed in the late 1920's, the iron lung was originally used to help patients breathe who had limited or no control over their respiratory muscles due to disease or illness. 

Defeating Disease, Iron Lung and Polio exhibit, Summer 2016. 

In the summer of last year, the fully restored iron lung and OPENPediatrics' video were on display at the Museum of Science in Boston, MA under an exhibit called Defeating Disease. The exhibit is designed to "explore the efforts and progress that have been made over time to defeat infectious diseases such as Guinea worm, polio, malaria and others," according to the Museum of Science website.

OPENPediatrics is pleased to announce that the Museum of Science is bringing back the Defeating Disease exhibit, including OPENPediatrics' iron lung and Polio video. If you didn't have a chance to see the exhibit the first time it was on display, we encourage you to visit the Museum of Science and experience the exhibit for yourself. To view OPENPediatrics' video The Iron Lung and Polio, please click here, or visit the Library section of the site.