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OPENPediatrics Releases New Video Conferencing System

OPENPediatrics has released a new feature providing free video conferencing for our groups. The feature is easily accessible within every group and is available for all community members to use. To access the new feature, visit any group you belong to and you will now see a Video Conferences tab. In the Video Conferences tab, group administrators have the capability to schedule video conferences and invite group members to participate. Group members can join video conferences from listings on this page. The video conferencing system is designed to work in low-bandwidth conditions and on computers and mobile devices.




The new feature is easy to access and use. See the below documents for instructions on how to set up a video conferencing system and tips for hosting a video conference. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you are having difficulty changing your time zone or using the new video conferencing feature. 

Please note: the first time users access the new video conferencing system they will need to set their time zone in their user profile. Instructions for how to do that are linked below.

Helpful Documents

How to Set Up a Video Conference

Tips for Hosting a Video Conference

How to Change your Timezone