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OPENPediatrics Releases New Hemodialysis Simulator

OPENPediatrics is pleased to announce the release of our newest simulator, The Hemodialysis Simulator. The HD simulator offers stand-alone education on initiating and managing a child on hemodialysis, including setting up an HD circuit, selecting a prescription, monitoring a patient, assessing laboratory results and managing clinical complications. The hemodialysis simulator provides an interactive and scalable experience for the learner to acquire basic knowledge about hemodialysis, practice their skills in a safe environment, and receive direct feedback on their actions, all while controlling the pace of their learning. 

In the Hemodialysis Simulator, the learner is taught the key concepts of hemodialysis, and a structured approach to set up a circuit and choose an initial prescription for a patient need. Then, the learner applies what they have learned to a variety of virtual patients. The learner will receive hints and feedback throughout the activities and will also receive an end-of-activity feedback sheet that outlines key learning points.

OPENPediatrics' Hemodialysis Simulator was named a 2016 winner of The American Society of Nephrology Innovations in Kidney Education Contest. Watch our entry video to the contest below and click here to start using the Hemodialysis Simulator. 


In addition to winning The American Society of Nephrology Innovations in Kidney Education Contest Award, OPENPediatrics' Mechanical Ventilator Simulator and Peritoneal Dialysis Simulator have also won awards. In 2012, our Virtual Ventilator Simulator won the MITX Interactive Award. The MITX Awards is the largest and most prestigious annual awards competition in the country for digital marketing and technology innovation, bringing together 1,200 of the best and brightest minds in the digital media, marketing, and technology industry. In 2013, one of our staff members, Aleks Olszewski, won the Georgia Fieldsend Research award for her research and work developing our Peritoneal Dialysis Simulator.