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OPENPediatrics Releases New Curriculum: Introduction to Pediatric Cardiac Disease

OPENPediatrics is pleased to announce the launch of our latest curriculum, Introduction to Pediatric Cardiac Disease. Pediatric congenital heart disease accounts for nearly one-third of all major congenital anomalies worldwide and as such, it is important for healthcare providers in resource-limited settings to understand how to manage children with congenital heart disease and identify when referral to more specialized care is required.

To address this need, Boston Children's Hospital, in partnership with the Pediatric Department at the University of Rwanda, have created a basic, yet comprehensive, cardiology curriculum that features a variety of cardiac specialists from Boston Children's Hospital and the Pediatric Department at Kigali University Teaching Hospital.

Highlights of this curriculum include an overview of cardiac anatomy and physiology, clinical presentation and pathophysiology of various congenital heart diseases, diagnosis and management of congestive heart failure and approaches to treating rheumatic heart disease. Learn more about the curriculum and how to enroll

Want to learn more about congenital heart disease? OPENPediatrics also hosts Geggel's Congenital Heart Disease Library, an interactive library comprised of 27 different congenital cardiac diseases and their key clinical features. Included in the library are anatomic diagrams, electrocardiograms, chest radiographs and gross pathology of various diseases. There are also short video segments focusing on diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for each cardiac disease, including cardiac angiograms, magnetic resonance imaging and footage of actual surgical repair of certain lesions. Also, be sure to check out our library to view additional cardiac resources offered on OPENPediatrics.