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OPENPediatrics Releases New Course: Aligning Patient-Provider Expectations for Informed Consent

OPENPediatrics is excited to announce the launch of our latest course, Aligning Patient-Provider Expectations for Informed ConsentThis course, produced in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital Institute for Professionalism and Ethical Practice,​ focuses on improving communication and relational skills during the informed consent process to better align provider and family expectations, with a specific focus on surgical informed consent.

Inadequate communication during the informed consent process can lead to surgeons, patients, and families having misaligned expectations. A surgical outcome that is perceived as successful by the physician may be experienced as a failure by the patient and family. Misaligned expectations of surgery can result in frustration, anger, and potentially litigation. This course aims to support clinicians to be better prepared to align expectations with patients and families during the informed consent process. 

The course consists of 5 modules: 

  1. Introduction: From Informed Consent to Aligning Expectations
  2. Parents' and Clinicians' Views on Pediatric Surgical Informed Consent
  3. Further Considerations for Aligning Expectations
  4. A Case Example: Enactment of a Pre-Surgical Conversation
  5. Learning from the Course

Watch an introductory video for this course, "Why We Need Better Communication for Informed Consent" by Dr. Luke Sato, Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer for CRICO Risk Management Foundation, as he reflects on why communication around informed consent is so important from a malpractice perspective and click here to access the full course.


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