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OPENPediatrics' Iron Lung and Polio Video Featured at Museum of Science

Earlier this year, OPENPediatrics released our video, The Iron Lung and Polio by Dr. Mark Rockoff, which featured a fully functioning iron lung. The iron lung was rebuilt by Boston Children's Hospital from parts of multiple non-functioning ones found at the abandoned Lakeville State Hospital in Massachusetts. OPENPediatrics is pleased to announce that the fully restored iron lung and our video are now on display at the Museum of Science in Boston, MA.

Developed at Boston Children's Hospital by Dr. Philip Drinker in 1928, the iron lung was designed to treat patients who had trouble breathing or were unable to breathe on their own due to polio. After the development of the polio vaccine, iron lungs were no longer needed and many were discarded or abandoned, like the ones found at Lakeville State Hospital. The restored iron lung had previously been on display at Boston Children's Hospital, but has been moved to the Museum of Science as part of a temporary exhibit. 

Early indications from the Museum of Science team are positive. The MOS exhibit coordinator in charge of the display reports: "We’re very pleased with how visitors have been receiving the exhibit so far. Visitors have really been enjoying the exhibit, and spending a lot of time reading the graphics." If you are in Boston, we encourage you to stop by the Museum and see the exhibit for yourself.