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National Epilepsy Awareness Month

Every year, 1 in 150 people who have uncontrolled seizures dies from sudden unexpected death in epilepsy, known as SUDEP.
The Epilepsy Foundation has celebrated National Epilepsy Awareness Month since 1969. In 2003, November was declared as National Epilepsy Awareness Month. 

People living with epilepsy can start to #AimForZero seizures with these behaviors:

  1. Take medication as prescribed
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Limit alcohol
  4. Strive to stop seizures

Join the campaign by using the #AimForZero hashtag during the month of November. Also, use the #ShareMySeizure hashtag which is an education and awareness initiative conducted cooperatively between the Epilepsy Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

OPENPediatrics is pleased to feature the video Status Epilepticus by Dr. Sally Vitiali. In this video, learn about the physiology and medical therapy for patients with status epilepticus.

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