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Building a Global, Online Community of Practice: The OPENPediatrics World Shared Practices Video Series

OPENPediatrics Program Co-Directors Drs. Traci Wolbrink and Jeffrey Burns, and Data Analyst Nabila Mirza, in collaboration with OPENPediatrics External Advisory Board Member Dr. Niranjan "Tex" Kissoon, authored a paper recently published in Academic Medicine assessing the worldwide use of our World Shared Practice Forums.

World Shared Practice Forums are monthly discussion-based videos with international physician and nurse experts that allow users from all around the world to discuss current issues and best practices. Questions are asked throughout the video, and each institution viewing the videos shares with the global community their practice related to the topic of the video. OPENPediatrics aired our first World Shared Practice video in March 2013, and have published 66 total World Shared Practice videos since.

The paper examines usage between March 2013 and November 2015. In that period, 28 WSPs were launched on a variety of pediatric critical care topics. These were viewed 18,414 times by 1,864 unique viewers in 132 countries and 760 hospitals. On average, each WSP was viewed over 247 times in the first 30 days following its release. Twenty-five percent of our registered users, a diverse global audience, viewed at least one WSP. Attending physicians/consultants, an audience that, in our experience, is often reluctant to engage with new technology, made up the largest group of WSP viewers at 36%. Eight percent of WSP viewers contributed to community discussions and left 1,155 comments. On average, each video received approximately 40 comments from about 14 viewers. Download a copy of the paper to learn more.

To view all of the World Shared Practice Forums, you can either access them through the Events page, or by visiting the World Shared Practice Forum Collection under the Library tab. Host a WSP viewing by scheduling a conference at your hospital anytime on, or after, the date the video is released so you and your colleagues can participate with the global community by answering questions posed by the experts in the video.  If you have any questions about how to access the World Shared Practice Forums, feel free to email us at