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Coordinator: Traci Wolbrink
Published: 28 August 2013
Audience: Physicians, Physician Trainees
Hours: 7.5
Progress: 0%

This curriculum is for residents at Boston Children’s Hospital who are completing their Pediatric Intensive Care Unit rotation in the Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit on 7 South. This is a self-paced course and may be completed at any time.

Learning Objectives

Coordinator: Debra Morrow
Published: 26 August 2013
Audience: Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Trainees
Hours: .25
Progress: 0%

Learn about the importance of hand hygiene in preventing healthcare-associated infections and how to optimize hygiene behaviors.

Learning Objectives

Published: 31 October 2012
Audience: Social Workers
Hours: 3.5
Progress: 0%

The Clough Foundation Training and Access Project (TAP) is an initiative within the Boston Children's Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships Program (BCHNP) in the Department of Psychiatry at Boston Children's Hospital. BCHNP is a community-based behavioral health program that partners with Boston Pu