Thank you all for being part of this group to share your experience and expertise related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear All: After further discussion and recommendations from many of you after last evenings call, the following consensus has emerged:

Frequency of conference calls:

1.      For now the consensus is that we should hold a one hour conference call twice a week, Saturday and Wednesday, 17:30, EDT/New York.

2.      Please have others who would like to join email me, but can we try to limit our zoom conferencing to no more than 5 per institution—the recording last night worked to save the conversation (attached) and going forward we will distribute the entire recording to this DL and you can then forward in your institution as you see fit.

3.      You will all receive a zoom invite for our next call this Wednesday, 18 March, at 17:30 EDT/New York


Protocol/Policy sharing as next step:

1.      In order to harness the wisdom on this DL the consensus is that we share protocols/policies that may be of benefit to the wider group.

2.      Thus, several from this list will be ‘Content Facilitators’ to identify protocols/policies to distribute to all of us for consideration.

a.      We will start with recommendations for airway management of COVID-19 pediatric patients, facilitated by Colorado (Todd Carpenter) and CHOP (Daniella Davis) and Nationwide (Mark Hall) who will have some preliminary discussion & guidance on this topic for the next conference call on 18 March.

b.      Please email for other protocol topics you think would be of high interest to the group.

3.      Also attaching here (“14MarchNorthamericaPICUconfcall”) a transcript of comments from our first call last evening, and courtesy of the UK—Joe Brierley/Great Ormond Street—also attaching (“Kings crit care rec”)a very clear and comprehensive summary of the literature and approach to the critically ill COVID-19 patient.

4.      Paolo Biban, M.D.-- Immediate Past President of WFPICCS and Director, Division of Paediatrics, NICU-PICU Major City Hospital Verona, Italy will also present his ongoing experience with COVID-19 on our next call on 18 March.


Where to collaborate day-by-day?

1.      Clearly hitting the reply all to our rapidly expanding DL cannot work—it will flood our day job needs at the very least.

2.      The consensus is that there are many excellent social media resources to utilize to keep up on the day-to-day conversation—all have strengths and limitations—four to bring to your attention (all shared protocols from this group will be distributed to this DL and to these social media sites):

a.  Originally intended for U.S. PCCM Chief’s, PC3N leadership has decided to open its online forum to two leaders per institution: division chief and a clinical leader (e.g., PICU medical director, COVID-19 PICU response leader, etc). (From Michael Agus (Boston): Division Chiefs: to add/re-add yourself and/or another member of your leadership team, please email name, position, institution, and email address He will get a unique invitation out to you to join the forum as soon as possible._

b.      Twitter-- - Kudchadkar (Hopkins) is carefully curating the material that gets posted on this link

c. : Barry Markovitz (CHLA) will continue to assure only high quality material is posted here.

d.   --Educational resources and now group collaboration function related to the care of a patient with COVID-19.


Thank you all (and especially John McGuire and colleagues from Seattle for generously sharing their protocols and lessons learned on last evenings call) —email ideas or comments to me—and again please do not reply all to this dl-- and I will send a summary at 1800 each day starting tomorrow—Jeff