Global Health World Shared Practice Forum: Disasters and Child Mental Health

Join us for the next Global Health World Shared Practice Forum on Friday, February 5. 

This video will discuss the increasing incidence of disasters, the impact of these disasters on children's mental health, particularly in underserved and under resourced communities, and the best practices for treating and preventing mental illness in children. 

  • Dr. Maru discusses his experience in the devastating Nepal earthquake, the initial mental burden of shock and confusion following a disaster, and the importance of helping aid workers. 
  • Dr. Palfrey discusses the disproportionate impact of disasters on low- development level countries and children's characteristic reactions to the physical and mental shock of disaster. 
  • Dr. Belfer presents a list of best practices to ensure the proper treatment and prevention of child mental illness following disasters and outlines important development frameworks for establishing normalcy in post-disaster life. 
  • Dr. Ahlers describes the " four phases" of disaster relief, and emphasizes the importance of focusing on the mental health of vulnerable populations throughout these four phases.

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Date & Time: 
02/05/2016 - 12:00 to 13:00