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Collection: World Shared Practice Forum

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Date: 18 September 2015

In this video, Dr. David Wessel, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at the Children’s National Health System and Professor of Pediatrics at George Washington University, will...

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Date: 11 September 2015

Dr. Staveski describes the development and implementation of the Parent Education Discharge Instruction (PEDI) Program and its initial impacts.

Initial publication: September 11, 2015....

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Aldo Castañeda
Date: 27 July 2015

In this video, Dr. Aldo Castañeda, Founder of the Pediatric Cardiac Surgical Unit of Guatemala and Professor Emeritus of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, will discuss the history of the field of...

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Date: 14 July 2015

In this video, Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta, Harding Chair of Global Child Health & Policy at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Canada, and Founding Director of the Center of Excellence in Women &...

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Date: 22 June 2015

Dr. Grace defines moral distress in the clinical setting and discusses strategies for coping with it to protect both the clinician and patient.

Last reviewed: June 22, 2015.


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Date: 19 June 2015

Listen to Dr. Sunit Singhi discuss the topic of raised intracranial pressure and CNS infections.

Initial publication: June 19, 2015.


Listen to the...

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John Arnold
Date: 17 June 2015

Listen to Dr. John Arnold discuss the field’s current understanding of high frequency oscillatory ventilation in pediatric patients.

Initial publication: June 17, 2015.


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Date: 15 May 2015

Dr. Kinney discusses the implementation of Medical Emergency Teams (MET) in clinical practice and their effectiveness in improving patient care.

Initial publication: May 15, 2015.

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Jeffrey Fineman
Date: 24 April 2015

In this video, Dr. Jeffrey Fineman, Professor of Pediatrics and Investigator at the Cardiovascular Research Institute at the University of California, San Francisco, will discuss the topic of the...

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Monique van Dijk
Date: 15 April 2015

Listen to Dr. Monique van Dijk discuss evidence-based practice and nursing research from a global perspective.

Initial publication: April 15, 2015.


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Date: 20 March 2015

Dr. Allan Doctor is a Professor of Pediatrics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics at Washington University in St. Louis and the Chief of Pediatric Critical Care at Saint Louis Children’s...

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Judith Vessey
Date: 13 March 2015

Judith Vessey is the Leila Holden Carroll Professor in Nursing at Boston College and a Nurse Scientist at Boston Children’s Hospital. In this talk Dr. Vessey defines youth bullying, describes its...

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Patrick Kochanek
Date: 24 February 2015

Listen to Dr. Patrick Kochanek discuss the past, present, and future of the Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Journal.

Initial publication: February 23, 2015.


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Fenella Gill
Date: 14 February 2015

Dr. Fenella Gill discusses her research on developing standards in critical care nursing education.

Initial publication: February 13, 2015.

Most recent peer-review: Jun 22, 2015....

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Date: 28 January 2015

In this video, Dr. Steven Schwartz, the Chief of the Division of Cardiac Critical Care Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, will discuss the topic of management of acute and...

Date: 16 January 2015

Michele DeGrazia is a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and the Director of Research in the NICU at Boston Children’s Hospital. She will discuss her research in developing a novel device called the...

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Vinay Nadkarni
Date: 21 November 2014

In this video, Dr. Vinay Nadkarni, Endowed Chair in Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine and the Medical Director of the Center for Simulation, Advanced Education and Innovation at the Children’s...

Date: 28 October 2014

In this video, Dr. Brian Kavanagh, Professor of Anesthesia at the University of Toronto and Chair of Anesthesia and the Dr. Geoffrey Barker Chair of Critical Care Medicine at the Hospital for Sick...

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Date: 21 September 2014

Dr. Rimensberger is a Professor of Pediatrics and Intensive Care Medicine and the Chief of the Division of Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care at the University Hospital of Geneva in Geneva,...

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Date: 16 September 2014

Martha Curley is the Ellen and Robert Kapito Professor in Nursing Science at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and a Nurse Scientist at Boston Children’s Hospital. She will discuss...