Rwandan Neonatal Protocol

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Date: 13 June 2018

In this video, Dr. Hovaire Nsabimana discusses stabilization and how it relates to identifying high-risk newborns, assessment, hypothermia, and infections. 

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Diane Gashumba MD, MMed, Francois Biziyaremye RN
Date: 9 March 2018

In this video, Dr. Diane Gashumba introduces the Rwandan National Neonatal Protocol online course, and Francois Biziyaremye presents the key aspects in routine care of the well newborn.


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Francois Biziyaremye RN
Date: 9 May 2018

In this video, Francois Biziyaremye, RN, and MCH Program Manager of Partners in Health, outlines important considerations in the thermoregulation of a newborn. 

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