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Complex Care Collection

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Date: 27 April 2015

Learn proper technique for accessing a central venous catheter for blood draws and/or medication administration.

Initial publication: August 28, 2013

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Date: 26 June 2017

In this video, Dr. Jane Newburger, Associate Cardiologist-in-Chief at Boston Children's Hospital and Commonwealth Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, shares her expert's perspective...

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Steven D. Rosenblatt MD, Nikolaus E. Wolter MD, MSc, FRCSC
Date: 26 October 2017

In this video, Dr. Steven Rosenblatt discusses the basics about tracheostomies.

Initial Publication: October 26, 2017.


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Date: 19 February 2016

Presentation filmed at the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses and Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Annual Meeting on Intensive Care in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on...

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Marcel Pincince BA, STB
Date: 26 April 2017

In this presentation, filmed at the 2014 Critical Care Canada Forum in Toronto, Ont., Dr. Marcel Pincince discusses philosophies and strategies to help families make decisions about organ donation...

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Date: 20 October 2016

In this video, Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy addresses prevalent causes of developmental delays, and discusses strategies that help health workers and families more effectively identify and manage...

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Date: 11 July 2018

In this video, Lauren Perlman discusses important considerations for a patient using non-invasive ventilation in a home setting.

Initial publication: July 11, 2018. 


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Mavilde Pedreira
Date: 6 March 2015

Presentation filmed at 7th World Congress on Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care in Istanbul, Turkey. May 4-7, 2014.

Initial publication: March 6, 2015.