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Updates in ECMO

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Heidi Dalton MD

Director, Adult and Pediatric ECMO

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Sally Vitali

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In this World Shared Practice Forum video, Dr. Heidi Dalton maps out the rapid expansion of ECMO use globally, describes challenges that providers face in the field of ECMO, and solutions to overcome these challenges in the future.

Click here to access the survey that Dr. Dalton references to help create a comprehensive list of ECMO centers across the globe.

Please watch Dr. Dalton's previous World Shared Practice Forum, "Pediatric ECMO: State of the Art in 2014", for perspective on how far ECMO has progressed.


Initial publication: October 21, 2019.



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Dalton, H, Zackin, B, Daniel, D, Vitali, S. Updates in ECMO. 10/2019. Online Video. OPENPediatrics.

Topics: World Shared Practice Forum Critical Care Cardiac Critical Care Emergency Medicine