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Signs of Pneumonia: Chest In-drawing

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Pneumonia Innovations Team


This video illustrates a common sign of pneumonia, chest in-drawing, also known as increased use of accessory muscles of respiration (or retractions), and is intended for clinicians practicing in low resource settings. The video content reflects best practices in these settings. The goal of this resource is to increase awareness and comfort level in recognizing children with signs and symptoms of pneumonia in order to promote timely treatment.

This video was developed by the Pneumonia Innovations Team, a global community network that focuses efforts on increasing awareness and mobilizing resources to combat childhood pneumonia, especially in resource-limited areas where deaths related to childhood pneumonia are common.

This content is part of a health kit created by the Pneumonia Innovations Team. Additional health kit resources can be accessed here.

Last reviewed: June 1, 2015.

Topics: Pulmonology Infectious Disease

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