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** If you played VitalSigns prior to 1/31/2020, please clear your cache to access the most up-to-date version. **


Vital SignsTM Emergency Department is a web-based virtual environment that places the player 

at the helm of an emergency department.  The unique focus of this game-based simulation is

having to manage a variety of patients simultaneously, putting the skills of multi-tasking,

prioritization, and critical treatments to the test.


In VitalSigns ED, the player’s job is to attend to patients as they appear in one of the available

exam rooms, triage the patient’s condition via their case presentation chart, and order procedures

relevant to the patient’s complaint. The player will see several patients during the simulation with

patient interactions being limited to examination through an icon-driven interface, ordering medical

tests and administering medications.


While waiting on the completion of procedures, the player can attend to other patients and/or any

interruptions from other staff or hospital visitors. After the player has completed the requisite procedures,

care is finalized when the player orders the patient to be “Admitted” (for continued care), “Discharged”,

or “Transferred” (to a trauma center).


Topics: Emergency Medicine