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Ventilator Simulator

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The virtual ventilator is an immersive online mechanical ventilation training tool. This tool allows the user to take care of virtual patients without having to actually be in the intensive care unit; training can happen on any computer with an internet connection.

The virtual ventilator incorporates realtime changes in vital signs, ventilatory parameters, patient appearance, arterial blood gases, chest X-rays and more. Users are required to interpret physiologic, imaging and ventilator data, formulate diagnoses and make changes to best treat their patients.

When using the ventilator simulator:

  • The simulator only stores progress for logged in users; to preserve your progress, please make sure to register and log in.
  • If the simulator does not completely fit in your browser window, you can adjust the size of the simulator by resizing your browser window.
  • If you are using Safari as your browser, you may need to enable Flash support.
  • Please send feedback or questions regarding the simulator to

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