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Hemodialysis Simulator

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OPENPediatrics Staff


The hemodialysis (HD) simulator offers stand-alone education on the elements of initiating and managing a child on HD, including setting up an HD circuit, selecting a prescription, monitoring a patient, assessing laboratory values, and managing clinical complications.

The simulator contains three sections:

1. Knowledge Guide: Text, illustrations, animations, and interactive steps teach the learner the key concepts of hemodialysis and how to use the simulator.

2. Tactics: Short problems take the learner through using a structured approach to solve problems. 

3. Cases: Clinical scenarios to practice formulating an appropriate hemodialysis prescription for various clinical scenarios, as well as troubleshooting problems as they arise. 

When using the hemodialysis simulator:

  • The simulator only stores progress for logged in users; to preserve your progress, please make sure to register and log in.
  • If the simulator does not completely fit in your browser window, you can adjust the size of the simulator by resizing your browser window.
  • Please send feedback or questions regarding the simulator to

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