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General Questions


What is OPENPediatrics?

OPENPediatrics is an online community of healthcare professionals sharing best practices from all resource settings around the world through innovative collaboration and digital learning technologies. Through OP, verified healthcare professionals can access academically rigorous and peer-reviewed content including expert lectures and demonstrations, interactive device simulations, protocols, medical calculators and CME accredited courses. 

How do I access OP?

OPENPediatrics is accessible to healthcare professionals and students. Many of our materials are available openly on the web, but registered members can take full advantage of our services and connect to our global community by registering for an account with OPENPediatrics. The OPENPediatrics website is designed to work on computers, tablets and smartphones, and includes bandwidth-sensitive delivery of video to accommodate the needs of users in all resource settings.  

Do I have to pay?

You do not need to pay for an account on OPENPediatrics or to access any of our educational content. All of current educational content, including videos, multimedia libraries, simulators, medical calculators and social collaboration tools are free of charge. OPENPediatrics strives to provide best practices and medical education to clinicians in all resources settings worldwide.

OPENPediatrics does offer Accredited Continuing Medical Education courses which modest fees are charged to offset the cost of providing certification.

Can I receive medical advice through OPENPediatrics?

OPENPediatrics is only able to provide educational support and materials. We are unable to offer medical advice. If you need advice on treatment for a pediatric patient, we recommend that you reach out to Boston Children’s Hospital. You can visit the “Patient Resources” section of Boston Children’s Hospital’s website for more information:

If you live outside the United States, you can read more about International Health services offered through Boston Children’s Hospital:

How do I set up a Group on OPENPediatrics?

This PDF will walk you through the creation and administrative tasks for creating a group on OPENPediatrics.


Content Questions


What is OPENPediatrics editorial process?

Content on the OPENPediatrics website is created by world experts on pediatric care, with the assistance of OPENPediatrics media production and pedagogical experts. Each video or other pieces of content is reviewed internally by our medical staff, which includes attending physicians from the Boston Children's Hospital Critical Care staff. Each piece of library content is then peer-reviewed by subject matter experts in the relevant field to ensure accuracy.  

Who are the authors?

OPENPediatrics content authors and speakers are subject matter experts in their respective fields, drawn from Boston Children's Hospital and other leading hospitals and research centers around the world.

Is the content regularly reviewed?

Yes, we review our content at least every third year to ensure it is still relevant and up-to-date.  We encourage our community to play an active role in ensuring OPENPediatrics' content reflects the current standard of practice by providing feedback through comments on our content, through our Contact Us page, or by emailing us at

Are the speakers in OPENPediatrics' videos commercially compensated?

No, our speakers receive no commercial compensation for the creation of our content. OPENPediatrics contributors volunteer their time and expertise to help us fulfill our global mission. Unless specifically noted in the description information of an individual piece of content, our authors and speakers have no conflicts of interest to declare.

I would like to host educational material through OPENPediatrics. How do I do this?

OPENPediatrics encourages collaborations with and between our users. If you would like to share material, either privately, for your institution or a particular interest group only, or publicly, you can host this material on OPENPediatrics via the Groups function. To learn more about the Groups feature, please contact us at

How do I learn about upcoming content or materials?

Users receive our monthly newsletter, which includes updates on conferences that OPENPediatrics will attend, new content that we are preparing to publish and other exciting program updates. Use the newsletter signup in the footer of this page to subscribe. You can also follow OPENPediatrics on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.



Technical Questions


Does my browser work with the OPENPediatrics site?

View information about OPENPediatrics' browser compatibility here.

I am having a problem with the OPENPediatrics site. How do I fix it?

While we work closely with our technical partners to ensure that the site runs smoothly, occasionally issues do occur. We apologize if you encounter any technical problems and we are more than happy to help resolve them! Please contact us at and someone will respond to you promptly.